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First off we want to say that we are not employees of Wholly Genes, Inc. but Timothy is a beta tester and we both are very satisfied customers. The Master Genealogist is the only program that we can recommend with out any hesitation. It has made our genealogical research so much more enjoyable. This program is a powerful tool that has been able to handle anything we throw at it. It has even been able to deal with American Indian names which every other program we tried could not. The program does not attempt to put any limits on your research. If you find two or more dates for an event or even two or more fathers or mothers, TMG can handle it. The tech support is something Microsoft should take a lesson from. If you are serious about doing your genealogy then you really should check this program out.



Files are in PKZIP format and you will need to use an unzipper in order to use them.



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