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We offer these calling features to help our customers make better use of their telephone. Call Features can be purchased individually or as part of a package.

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*90 Call Forward – BusyWhen your line is busy, forward the calls to another number. Star90
*92 Call Forward – No AnswerWhenever you are unable to answer the phone, forward your calls to another number. Star92
*63 Call Forward – SelectiveAllows you to program your phone to forward only those calls from a special list of people to another number. Star63
*66 Automatic CallbackRedials the last busy number you called and keep trying
until the line is free (up to 30 minutes).
*69 Automatic RecallAllows you to dial the number that called you last. Star69
*72 Call ForwardingAllows you to forward your calls to another number. Star72
*77 Call Rejection – AnonymousAllows you to reject calls from private numbers. Star77
*60 Call Rejection – SelectiveAllows you to reject calls from any number you place in the rejection list. Star60
*74 Speed Call 8Allows you to place calls to 8 local or long distance numbers
by dialing a one-digit code.
*75 Speed Call 30Allows you to place calls to 30 local or long distance numbers
by dialing a two-digit code.


Call Forward – Remote AccessAllows you to turn on, turn off, or change your forwarding number from any location.
Call WaitingAlerts you with a beep if someone else is trying to call while you are already on the line.
Call Waiting IDAlerts you with a beep and the caller’s name and/or phone number if someone else is trying to call while you are already on the line.
Caller IDDisplays the name and number of the calling party before you answer the phone on your caller ID display screen.
Distinctive RingingAllows two numbers to be assigned to a single line. Each number is assigned a unique ringing pattern.
Distinctive Ringing/Call WaitingAssigns special call waiting tone to numbers on your list.
Long Distance AlertIncoming long distance calls have a distinctive ring.
Non-Published NumberTelephone number no one can provide or obtain.
Non-Listed NumberPublished telephone number but not listed in the directory. Can be recovered through directory assistance.
Three-Way CallingAdds a third party to a two-way conversation.
Reservationless Conference CallingEstablishes a conference bridge allowing multiple parties to participate in the conversation.


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