Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc. will hold its 67th Annual Meeting Virtually Wednesday, September 9, 2020. At that time, the membership will elect trustees to fill the four board seats that are up for election.

There are four seats on the Range Board of Trustees up for re-election this year. Those trustees whose terms expire are Sid Samuelson from District #2, James Dahle from District #3, Dwight “Scotty” Ferguson from District #4 and George Bement Trustee at large. The districts and exchanges that they represent are listed below.

A Nominating Committee consisting of eight Cooperative members has been appointed for the purpose of nominating as many qualified candidates as they deem necessary for placement on the 2020 election ballot. The Committee will meet via teleconference at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 28th to nominate candidates to be placed on the ballot for the four positions.

To qualify for placement on the ballot (per Article IV, Section 3 of the Cooperative bylaws), candidates must (a) be current members of Range, (b) maintain their principal residence in the area served by the Cooperative and in the district which that person is to represent, (c) no person shall be eligible who is in any way employed by, or financially interested in, a competing enterprise or a business engaged in selling communication service or supplies, or constructing or maintaining communication facilities, other than a business operating on a cooperative non-profit-basis for the purpose of furthering rural telephone or other communications service. In addition, no member may be nominated if he/she is related to a current employee of Range.

Anyone interested in being placed on the ballot, please contact a Nominating Committee member below from your district prior to Tuesday, July 28th and ask to be placed on the ballot for the Board of Trustee 2020 election:

District #2 – S. Miles City (421), Broadus (436) (554) (427), Alzada (828 & 878)

Ed Lockwood (406) 554-3556
Bill Lambert (406) 427-5278

District #3 – Busby (592), Lame Deer (477), Birney (984), Ashland (784)

Dane Dahle (406) 592-3767
Art McDonald (406) 477-6441

District #4 – Decker (750 & 757), SE Sheridan (737), Clearmont (758), Arvada (736)

Tom Edwards (406) 757-2480
Jerry Jones (406) 757-2492

Trustee-At-Large – Northern Cheyenne or Crow Tribal Member

Ken Sattler (406) 477-8328
Monty Rowland (406) 477-6942


Range Internet Helpdesk 855-866-4436

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SecureIT 877-373-3320

Total Tech 888-723-4932



Toll Free800-927-2643

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