Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Who is ACT?

Advanced Communications Technology (ACT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Range Telephone Cooperative, a telecommunications company that has served eastern Sheridan County for 50 years. ACT owns the majority of Wyoming’s northern fiber optic network connecting Sheridan, Buffalo, Gillette, Newcastle, and many others to the Internet and the Worldwide Telephone Network.

Does ACT own its own network, or simply resell the competitor’s service?

ACT is the only competitive telecommunications company in Sheridan that owns its own telecommunications network. If you are located in our overbuild area in downtown Sheridan and you choose ACT as your telecommunications company, you are using a completely independent network for your telecommunications needs. There are no hidden companies providing you service. If you are located outside of our overbuilt area and you do not subscribe to both ACT local phone and DSL services, ACT can only resell you competitor service – but even so, ACT’s resale prices are less, and we offer the benefit of local customer service.

What new services does ACT offer?

Dozens of new services, including such services as voice mail and high speed Internet access. To learn more about ACT’s services check us out on the Web at, or call us today at 673-0910.

Do I have to change my telephone number?

Absolutely not, you may keep your current telephone number, unless you would like to change it.

Can I keep my long distance carrier?

Yes, you may keep your current long distance provider, but you may want to see what ACT can offer in savings to your monthly long distance bill. Often, low per-minute offers by long distance companies do not reflect your total cost per minute after taxes and fees are added to your monthly long distance bill. ACT’s per-minute rates may be higher; however, ACT assesses only the fees and taxes required by law, resulting in savings over many other long distance providers.

Can I still make local calls to Qwest customers?

Yes, you may use your ACT phone service to make any local call free of charge with your monthly local service agreement.

What makes ACT better than your competitors?

We are a locally owned and operated telecommunications provider with the ability to service our customers with local support personnel. If a problem arises, we have the ability to remedy it immediately. ACT has a stringent customer support system ensuring the customer will not be forgotten. We own the network, so we are responsible for any issues that may arise with our customers.

Will my wiring have to be changed in my house or business?

You may use your existing lines and phone jacks. If you wish to subscribe to high speed Internet (DSL), it is possible that your existing wiring might not support this technology.

Do you have the experience to provide quality service and support?

Yes, we employ only qualified and experienced personnel who actually live in Sheridan. With that local availability, you will never have to wait for someone to travel to Sheridan to solve your problem. Our policy is that if a customer calls with trouble after hours, they will receive a return phone call within one hour.

Troubleshooting FAQs

I can’t connect to the Internet, what can I check?

Ensure your phone or Ethernet cable is securely plugged in. Next, make sure there is power going to your modem. If you have an ADSL modem, is the ADSL light on the modem solid green? To check if you have an IP address, do the following:

For Windows98 or earlier, go to the Start menu, Run, type “command”. At the prompt, type “winipcfg”. A window pops up. Use the drop-down box to select your NIC card and hit the “Release” button, then hit the “Renew” button. If you do not get an IP address, call the Helpdesk at 1.866.615.5438.

For WindowsNT or later, go to the Start menu, Run, type “cmd”. At the prompt, type “ipconfig /release” and then type “ipconfig /renew”. If you do not get an IP address, call the Helpdesk at 1.866.615.5438.

How can I test my DSL speed?

DSL speed can be tested at or If you are on ACT’s network, you can also check

My DSL seems to be slow, what could be the cause?

There are several factors that contribute to DSL speeds. The Internet is dynamic by nature and bandwidth cannot be guaranteed. However, if it is excessively slow, try the above speed test websites and contact the Helpdesk at 1.866.615.5438

How do I change my e-mail password?

You can change your account password by logging into or call our 24/7 Helpdesk at 1.866.615.5438 and they can assist you as well.

I didn’t receive an e-mail that was sent to me, where would it go?

Check the E-Mail Filter folder by logging in to your e-mail account using Webmail at The e-mail may have been tagged as SPAM. By default, ACT’s Anti-SPAM feature is turned on for all users.

With ACT’s virus protection, am I protected against all computer viruses?

Over 95% of viruses are transmitted through e-mail and ACT’s virus protection scans all e-mails. There is no 100% solution to protect against all viruses. ACT recommends also having an “up-to-date” desktop virus and anti-spyware application, such as ACT’s Client Tools with Anti-Virus Command.

I ordered a 512k DSL line, but when I do a speed test, I’m not getting 512k, why?

Bandwidth cannot be guaranteed and due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, TCP/IP overhead and ATM cell tax must be taken into consideration. When a particular speed is ordered, it is programmed for that maximum speed. ACT will work with you to ensure that you are receiving as close to your subscribed speed as possible.

How do I log in to my Webmail account?

Connect to, enter your username and password.

Can I create my own webpage with ACT?

Yes. With ACT’s Internet Services package you can create your own webpage. With these services, you can use any HTML editor of your choice or ACT’s Building Blocks solution to create your own web presence. You then access your website at the following URL, (Substitute your username for the italics.)


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